; 六幻— “I guess that’s too bad." Quite childish, but he left a touch of mystery to his words so that she might just be curious enough to learn of what he had planned for them. After all, if they’re going to get in trouble for sneaking out they might as well make it a good outing. And maybe, just maybe he had a secret agenda.

     ”I’m going to kick you into china.” Weak. She knew it was. It was a weak threat, her voice holding no anger. Only a slight hint of annoyance that was slowly fading. Despite the way she was acting, the girl couldn’t help but be just a little curious as to what an idiot like Mugen could have thought up.


      And she’s just poking her head around the corner to ask, “Mind not being so loud? It’s a little too early in the morning for all this noise, don’t you think?”

it’s not somebody who’s seen the light ♚


Her feet carry her slowly, dragging out every step longer than necessary. It’s not because she’s enjoying the view and the crisp night air, it’s not because she’s on the job and keeping a watchful eye out for trouble. She’s moving sluggishly because she’s terrified; her fear is weighing down on her like chains around her ankles, making every step she takes a fight. But if there’s one thing about Buffy, it’s that she doesn’t lose fights, and she doesn’t give up so she keeps moving forward through the graveyard despite the churning in her stomach and the heaviness of her bones and petite body. 

 It’s not long before she’s back in front of the crypt that she’d originally found him in, and suddenly she’s staring her fear in the face (it’s not like she hasn’t done it a million times before). If she opens the door and he’s not in there, then it’s all going to come crashing down around her. She’s had this dream before, but never like this, never so real, and if she comes to find out that this was nothing but a dream, too— she doesn’t know what she would do, she doesn’t know how she would handle it. But she’s not going to turn back now, when she’s right here, because knowing it better than not knowing, and she’s too curious for her own good. And because— because it’s Spike.

So she pushes the door open, taking a couple of steps into the darkness. All she hears is her breath against the cold breeze, and the thud, thud, thud of her own heart. She takes a few more steps forward, glancing around. “—Spike? I brought… blood. Courtesy of a bunch of pigs and cows and numerous other creatures that I do not want to know about. Maybe some human mixed in there too. Butchers are creepy, and who knows what really goes on inside those places.” There’s a pause as she sets the paper bag on the ground. “I didn’t know if you had any, and I thought you might need it…” 


It’s quiet in the crypt. Too quiet, not enough noise to flood his mind and take him from his thoughts. He tries to focus on the sounds outside. Sounds that only the ears of a dead man would pick up on. The noise he had sought out as a means of distraction had only proved to be an annoyance. He didn’t care about Miranda getting a new purse or the fact that three streets away an intoxicated man hit a pole. None of this did anything but frustrate him. Slowly making him flee back into his own head as he sat in a dark corner.

She’d be back. But what if she didn’t? There was always the possibility she wanted nothing to do with him. A chance that now that she knows he is alive she might get the hell out of dodge. He’d been in many horrible situations, but none of them scared him quite as much as the idea of Buffy not wanting to be around him. That in the time he’d spent inside the amulet and in LA was time she spent forgetting about him. Suppose he isn’t as big and bad as he once thought.

All of his thoughts came to an end when he heard footsteps. A breath, the opening of a door and a heartbeat. Her heartbeat. He took a moment, just listening to the sound of her voice before standing up. “Sounds a lot less appetizing when ya’ say it like that.” However it was what he was used to drinking. Sighing as he bent over to pick the bag up. He nodded, feeling slightly tense and maybe even a little awkward around her. Wasn’t this supposed to be easier? It wasn’t like this was completely unusual. Perhaps being around her would take a little time to get used to again.



     ”Is it kidnapping when you’re being compliant?

It’s not as though either of them had an upcoming mission, so he didn’t see the harm in sneaking out for a couple of hours—it’d be like their little secret. Until they got caught, that is. However, that didn’t seem to phase him for the time being. Just like that, they were gone. Off to the small town located outside the forest that disclosed the Order’s location. 

      “..No, I suppose not. But still, I have hardly any desire to leave the Order today.”

And even so, she let him pull her along. Athena might as well have accepted defeat for the day. She was leaving it up to Mugen to not get them in trouble, which logically was a horrible idea. The entire walk she kept her eyes on the trees, as if she was trying to ignore the fact he was even there. Possibly slightly embarrassed she didn’t fight his silly idea more.



     ”It’s a surprise.

He made a sharp turn to head out of HQ, disregarding that he needed permission for doing so. However, he decided that staying cooped up inside Black Order definitely wasn’t the best place for a birthday. And, yes, he actually spent time learning about a birthday just for her.

      “I’m pretty sure this is kidnapping.”

The normally graceful exorcist nearly tripped when he pulled her towards the exit. Did he really plan on taking her out of the Order? That was sure to get them both in trouble. Count on Mugen not to care about important stuff like that.

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  xtelum-deactivated20140312 asked: athena ; "I have to go."


     Normally her first reaction would have been to tell him to get lost, she was busy anyway. Today was different. There was more weight to his words. A heavy feeling sitting in her stomach, crushing her because she knew what he really meant.

                                       He didn’t just have to go for right now.

      The tone of his voice, wrecked and tired. He wasn’t just going to take a nap or to mess with something in the Order. What he was really saying was he was no longer stable enough to hold this form. In what could be a matter of minutes he would be stuck as a sword again. Just a piece of innocence. If he knew it or not, he’d be taking everything with him.

                                             She’d given him her affection.

      Her heart. Her everything without meaning to, without even noticing until it was too late. Until he was going to be pulled from her life. Athena felt stupid for allowing herself to get close to something, no someone, that she knew could never actually be hers. At the end of the day all Mugen was, was innocence. A tool to destroy akuma. She had known from the start that one day he’d have to go back to being a sword. That he would no longer be free to walk around in a human body.

                 All she’d be now was a foolish girl who had wasted her love.

      Moments of silence passed. Just more time wasted. Athena didn’t know when he’d have to go, and still all she had done was look at him with questioning eyes. Eyes that didn’t understand even though she understood perfectly.

                                               And now she was angry.


      Tears making warm streaks down her cheeks. “It’s not fair!” She could imagine what Mugen was thinking. Always so loud. And she was, always yelling and kicking so angry at everything for no good reason but now she had one and she wished she didn’t. “You can’t just go, you can’t do this to me! You should have left me alone, you never should have pushed so much to be around me.. you shouldn’t have done this to me.”

                              You shouldn’t have made me love you only to lose you.

      It was silly. She wasn’t mad at him. She was mad at the situation, at the way her heart felt like it was cracking slowly even though she was falling apart so quickly. Athena had always known the world was cruel. She learned that at a young age. But now it was like she was learning it for the first time all over again.

                          And now she was punching his chest.

       Weak, defeated hits to his body. To the body he would be giving up. It was over for them. All she could do was accept it and fall against him. Hands tangling in his robe, forehead pressing against his chest. This was really the end to their story. “It’s not fair.” This time, it was a whisper. So quiet, so not like her. So.. broken.

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